You can’t help but be concerned when you feel panic attack symptoms.  They are overwhelming, and quite scary, and a horrible thing to have to go through. Many people keep hidden the fact that they have panic attacks, but it seems more and more people are going through this.  Here, we are going to try and explain what exactly is going on, and discuss how it can be cured.

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The symptoms of a panic/anxiety attack are many, and more varied then the average person might imagine.

This is why many people who have a panic/anxiety attack end up going to a doctor.  They think that what they are feeling is the sign of a far more serious, far more deadly disease.   Some of the most common symptoms of a panic attack are a pounding and racing heart, inability to catch your breath (i.e. “Not enough air in the air.”), all over body sweats, uncontrollable racing thoughts, and tightness in the chest that is so bad you fear your heart might stop.

Other, more mild symptoms might include blurry vision, stomach pain, insomnia, inability to concentrate, a feeling that you have lost control (and may never get it back), and a feeling as if you have lost connection with reality. Now, if you’ve never felt any of these symptoms, or even if you have, you’ll agree that there is no way a person might go through this and not feel scared out of their mind! While it’s true you might be able to experience some of this without having a full blown panic attack, it just doesn’t happen very often.
Scary stuff.

So what causes panic attack symptoms, and how can we stop them in their tracks?

Now, I’m sure you have heard the term:  “Fight or Flight”.  This is the body’s natural reaction when it feels as if it in danger, or being threatened.  When the body feels this is happening, it activates, or triggers certain biological things to happen.  It’s a body’s natural reaction to danger. When this happens, adrenaline is released, your eyes dilate, blood rushes from your extremities to your core.  All of these reactions can help save you in case of danger. Unfortunately, these same reactions, when they happen when there is no danger, are amazingly unpleasant, and are so intense that you fear something is drastically wrong.  This causes its own fear, which can magnify the body’s response, and make things feel all the worse:  a vicious circle, if there ever was one.  So how do you deal with these symptoms?  You went to the doctor, and he looked at you like you were nuts!  What else can you do?

Now you can have what you’re looking for.

Panic Away is an option to help you break free from your panic attacks. It’s a treatment that understands what you’re feeling and why you’re feeling that way. Best of all, you won’t get tossed a ‘quick fix’ cure or told it’s all in your head.

Using proven techniques created by Panic Away, you can shed the ball and chain of anxiety and make it part of your past so you can look forward to a panic free future. Panic Away isn’t based on mumbo jumbo like, “Believe your panic attacks will be gone and poof – they’ll disappear forever!”

It’s not a technique that relies on simply putting your thoughts on something else like you were a puppy easily swayed. Panic Away won’t have you chanting thoughts to yourself that will magically change your life.

Unlike some of those snake oil promises by shyster products, Panic Away doesn’t insult your intelligence by telling you if you repeat a few lines then you’ll be cured. It doesn’t have you buy a product you’ll shake, strap on or swallow.   Panic Away was developed by professionals that actually suffered from panic/anxiety attacks themselves, and were unable to find effective treatment.  They understand what you are going through, they have been where you are now, and they know what to do to make you panic free.

Panic Free is a very good thing!

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Panic attacks can come on without any warning at all. Once you have had one, your life is changed forever. Many people try and pretend it never happened. Other people start trying to find a treatment that works. After you’ve had a panic attack, it’s important to acknowledge what happened. What happened was real, not some sort of waking nightmare that you imagined.

The good thing about a panic attack is that it will pass. The bad thing is that it can seem to take forever for it to be over. Like hours. The other bad thing about panic attacks is that once you’ve had one, you are worried about having another one. As with most things, knowledge is power. You need to start arming yourself with knowledge about your condition.

Can panic attacks be cured with treatment?

Of course.
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There are people walking around all over that used to have panic attacks, but they received the right kind of treatment, and don’t have to worry any more. With the right kind of treatment, panic attacks don’t rule your life anymore. With Panic Away, you can label panic attacks as something you once suffered from, not something you continue to suffer from. It does not matter how long you’ve suffered, Panic Away can help you find the solution, and the cure you need to find.

Some programs out there try and treat panic attacks by telling their people that they need to control their environment. They tell you to avoid stress, avoid anxiety. Sorry, unless you live on a mountain top with unlimited funds, you will have stress. It’s called “life”. We all have to deal with our daily lives, and the stress that comes along. There is no way to change the fact that life isn’t always as easy as we would like. There will always be things that come up that will make you anxious. That being said, you do have control over the treatment you choose. One that can cure you of the anxiety attacks, and keeps them away.

So is there such a treatment: a treatment that can cure you of panic attacks, and keep from coming back?

A treatment without mind-numbing, life-robbing drugs?

Yes, yes there is.

Panic Away works.

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Everyone has anxiety. Most people can work through their anxiety and continue to live their lives doing whatever they choose to do. For some, it’s not that easy. The anxiety builds and builds until a panic attack begins.

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How do most doctors handle a patient with panic attack symptoms?? Not so good. They either refer most patients to a psychiatrist or they quickly write a prescription for an anti anxiety medication. Unfortunately, the panic attacks come back full-on once the medication is stopped. Why? Because the attacks were merely masked, covered up and not treated.

Drugs prescribed for anti anxiety are not, and were never intended to be a cure. They work on your nervous system.

The body has what’s called a Central Nervous System (CNS) that gets and gives out signals. Sometimes, those signals can go haywire. It’s not anyone’s fault when that happens. The autonomic system in the body is one that baffles most family doctors because they’ve been taught to fix whatever health manifestation they see is wrong, and they don’t have anything to fix this one.

For example – a patient comes into their office with a pounding heart rate. The doctor sends them to a cardiologist to get thousands of dollars worth of tests. If nothing shows up on the tests, the doctor says nothing is wrong.

But it’s the doctor who is wrong.

They haven’t been taught to look beyond the outer signs to what’s going on inside. So they prescribe medication that only calms the symptoms but doesn’t fix the problem. You might feel like everything is okay, but it’s only an illusion due to the drugs. Once the drugs are out of your system, the panic attacks come right back.

Fortunately, you don’t have to live that way. You don’t have to just mask your symptoms, cover up your panic attacks. There is no shame involved in having a panic attack. There are people who don’t understand them and doctors who don’t understand them(but are still willing to throw the newest drugs at them), but that’s the case with almost every health condition known.

Please, always remember that the problem isn’t you. You cannot help how your body’s CNS responds to certain signals any more then you can just “decide” not to have high blood pressure. You can however, find an effective way to stop them. You can get treatment for your panic attacks through Panic Away.

This effective treatment course won’t have you running to the psychiatrist and you won’t have to sit in front of a doctor who only wants to push medication at you (Remember…a “regular Doctor” thinks he can fix everything by throwing meds at them, including panic attack symptoms….a surgeon thinks everything can be fixed by operating…). Panic Away wasn’t developed in a lab by someone who read about panic attacks in a medical journal. It was created by someone who has walked the road you’re walking and knows exactly how you feel.